How to order Schemes or Service manual on E-mail
For the order of Schemes or Service manual, necessary for you to pay 3 dollar through Web Money under account WMZ - Z324062010355.

Or under account WMR - R392876258384 on 100 roubles.

Through system Perfect Money account number - U1745958 on 4 USD.
Through system moneybookers under the account to pay back on 5 USD .

Specify the top scores can pay more through other electronic currency, cash, bank and money transfer for more than 50 online payment system by monitoring exchangers, where you will find the best exchange rates.
After payment write on  E-mail , specify necessary type of electronics, the name and model of schemes. You receive the scheme after pay back, next day on yours E-mail.
For the order of a disk, it is necessary to you to pay back 30 $ through Web money under the account Z324062010355.
After payment, write on E-mail and inform to what address to send a disk with mail.