Telephone circuit diagrams

Collection circuits schematic diagrams telephone. There are more 150 electrical circuit diagrams telephone of different firms. All circuit diagram are submitted in a format pdf and DJVU.
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Schematic diagrams and instructions for phones GE

Schematic diagram GE 26928

Schematic diagram GE 26929

Service Manual GE26930

Schematic diagram GE 26930

Electronic circuit GE26938

Schematic diagram GE26939GE2

Schematic diagram GE26955GE1 and DataSheet TB31202

Schematic diagram GE26958 and DataSheet TB31261F

Electrical circuit GE 26990GE1 and DataSheet D16529

Schematic diagram GE 26990GE2

Schema 26990GE3 and DataSheet TB31161FN,TB31103F and D16329CAA

Schematic diagram GE 26990GE3-C

Electronic circuit GE 26990

Schematic diagram GE 26993, DataSheet PCD3316, TC58A040F

Schematic diagrams GE 26993 (USA and CAN)

Schematic diagram GE27850

Schematic diagram GE 29152 RS29152

Schematic diagram GE 29167 RS29167

Schematic diagrams GE 29168, RS29168

Electrical circuit GE 29257, RS29257

Schematic diagrams GE 29268, RS29268

Electronic circuit GE29286B

Schematic diagrams GE 29398 RS29398

Schematic diagram GE 29638

Schematic diagrams and instructions for phones LG

Schematic diagram LG 9161A


Dect LG GT-7120

Dect LG GT-7130

Instructions for use phone LG GT-7160

Dect LG GT-7510

Schema radio phone LG GT-9121 (base )

Schema radio phone LG GT-9121 (tube)

Schema radio phone LG GT-9130 (base )

Schema radio phone LG GT-9130 (tube)


Electrical circuit LG GT-9540A

Dect LG GT-9560A



Dect telephones LG gt-9780a

Schema radio tele phone LG GT-9121A


LG-7320(7120) manual

Service manual phone LG-GT 9121

Schematic diagrams and instructions for phones Panasonic




Panasonic gd70 Manual telephone

Full manul FAX Panasonic KX-1100BX

Schema fax Panasonic KX-FT72

Fax Panasonic KX FTC 47 BX


Service manual KX-F3000

Schematic diagram Panasonic KX-F50

Service Manual fax Panasonic KX-FL403RU

Service Manual Panasonic KX-FLB758RU

Service Manual Panasonic KX-FP85

Schema fax Panasonic KX-FT72

Electronic circuit Panasonic KX-T1000

Schematic diagram Panasonic KX-T2260

Service Manual Radio telephone Panasonic KX-T2261CZ

Schematic diagram KX-T2310

Schematic diagram KX-T2315

Service Manual, Schema Panasonic KX-T2315-1

Schematic diagram KX-T2335

Schematic diagram KX-T2365-SU

Service Manual phone Panasonic KX-T2378JXW



Schematic diagram with voice mail KX-T2427

Electronic circuit with voice mail Panasonic KX-T2470


Schematic diagrams with voice mail KX-T2395


Qircuit diagram Panasonic KX-T2740

Schematic diagram phone Panasonic KX-T3000

Schema Panasonic KX-T3155

 KX-T3175  KX-T3185


Service Manual Radio telephone Panasonic KX-T3610

Schema radio phone Panasonic KX-T3710

Schema radio phone Panasonic KX-T3730

Electrical circuit radio phone Panasonic KX-T3855

Electronic circuit radio phone Panasonic KX-T3920

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-T3967

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-T3970

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-T4026

Service Manual Radio telephone Panasonic KX-T4300BE

Schematic diagrams Panasonic KX-T4310

Schematic diagrams Panasonic KX-T4400R

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-T4410

Schema radio phone Panasonic KX-T4550

Schematic diagrams with voice mail KX-T5100

Schema PBX Panasonic EASA-PHONE KX-T61610B

Schema system phone Panasonic KX-T7020

Schematic diagrams Panasonic KX-T7030

Electronic circuit system phone Panasonic KX-T7033

Schema system phone Panasonic KX-T7055

Schema system phone Panasonic KX-T7130

Schema radio phone Panasonic KX-T9080

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-T9250


Schematic diagrams Panasonic KX-TC100

Qircuit diagram Panasonic KX-TC1000

Service manual Panasonic KX-TC1005

Schematic diagrams Panasonic KX-TC1005RUB

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-TC1005RUB

Electronic circuit Panasonic KX-TC1025

Schema radio phone Panasonic KX-TC1025

Service Manual telephones Panasonic KX-TC1040LA

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TC1045

Schematic diagram Panasonic KX-TC1045RUB

Panasonic KX-TC1205 Service Manual, Schema

Panasonic KX-TC1205RUS Instructions

Schematic diagram Panasonic KX-TC1225

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-TC1230ALW

Service Manual radio phone Panasonic KX- TC1245

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-TC1400

Schematic diagram Panasonic KX-TC1403

Schema radio phone Panasonic KX-TC1405

Electrical circuit radio phone Panasonic КХ-ТС1450W

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-TC1461BXB

Electronic circuit Panasonic KX-TC1464

Schema radio phone Panasonic KX-TC1486B

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TC1500, KX-TC1507

Schema radio phone Panasonic KX-TC1500B

Qircuit diagram Panasonic KX-TC1503

Service Manual Radio telephone Panasonic KX-TC160, KX-TC161, KX-TC162, KX-TC165

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-TC170

Schematic diagrams Panasonic KX-TC1703

Panasonic KX-TC1709LBB

Schema radio phone Panasonic KX-TC1733CB

Schema radio telephones Panasonic KX-TC1741

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TC1800

Manual Panasonic KX- TC1868, KX- TC1871, KX- TC1872

Panasonic KX-TC2105RU

Service Manual radio telephone Panasonic KX-TC2106UA

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-TС280

Qircuit diagram Panasonic KX-TC4046

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-TС408

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TC418

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TC419

Service manyal radio telephone Panasonic KX-TC423

Schema radio phone Panasonic KX-TС900

Service manyal Panasonic KX-TC900b

Service Manual Radio phone Panasonic KX-TC901

Schema radio telephone (tube) Panasonic KX-TCA121, TCA122

Schema tube radio phone Panasonic KX-TCA811FXS

Schematic diagram Panasonic KX-TCD150MLB, KX-TCA115MLB

Service Manual Panasonic KX TCD150, TCD152, TCA115

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TCD200

Instructions Panasonic KX-TCD205RU

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-TCD205RU, KX-TCD207RU, KX-TCA120RU

Schematic diagrams Panasonic KX-TCD300FX

Service Manual radio phones Panasonic KX-TCD345RU, TCA132RU, TCA130RU

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TCD410

Schema Radio telephone Panasonic KX-TCD435RU

Electronic circuit radio phone Panasonic KX-TCD450

Schema radio phone Panasonic KX-TCD500

Schematic diagrams Panasonic KX-TCD500RUx, KX-A150RUx

Schematic diagram Panasonic KX-TCD540


Schematic diagram Panasonic KX-TCD700GRC

Schema Radio telephone Panasonic KX-TCD715

Service Manual Radio telephone Panasonic KX-TCD725RUM

Schema Radio telephone Panasonic KX-TCD735

Service manual telephone Panasonic KX-TCM418-B part1

Service manual telephone Panasonic KX-TCM418-B part2

Service manual phone Panasonic KX-TCM418-B part3

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TCM422

Electronic circuit Panasonic KX-TCM526

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TCM943

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TCM947

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TCS970

Service Manual radio telephone Panasonic KX-TG1105RU, KX- TG1106RU, KX-TGA110RU

Schematic diagram Panasonic KX-TG2224f

Service Manual Radio telephone Panasonic KX-TG2227LAS

Electronic circuit radio telephone Panasonic KX-TG2247S

Schema radio phone Panasonic KX-TG2257

Service Manual Radio telephone Panasonic KX-TG5631S

Electrical circuit radio phone Panasonic KX TG7105

Schema radio telephone Panasonic KX-TG7105RUx, KX-TG7106RUx, KX-TGA710RUx

Service Manual radio telephone Panasonic KX-TG8105RU, TG8106RU, TGA810RU

Panasonic KX-TMC40RUW Service manual



Schema Panasonic KX-TS15W


Service Manual telephone Panasonic KX-TS2365RUB

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TS2565UA

Service Manual Panasonic KX-TS600

Engineers unlock code, Panasonic KX-TSC10RUW

Panasonic VS3 Service manual

Schematic diagrams and instructions for phones Samsung

FACSIMILE Msys 5150/5200 SF-5800/5800P


Schematic diagrams Samsung SP-C801R

Service manual Cordless Telephone Samsung SP-R5100

Service Manual Radio phone Samsung SP-R5150

Service Manual radio telephone Samsung SP-R6100

Schematic diagrams and instructions for phones Sanyo

Schema и описание radio telephone SANYO CLT-13

Service Manual Sanyo CLT-310

Schematic diagram, service regime SANYO CLT-85km

Service Manual Sanyo CLT-9109

Service Manual Sanyo CLT-9650

Schema radio telephone Sanyo CLT-K928

Service Manual SANYO CLT-V120

Sanyo CLT-D20, CLT-D30, CLT-D40&45 Schema

Schematic diagram SANYO SCLT-2032

Schematic diagrams and instructions for phones SENAO

Schematic diagram Senao 258

Schema HF-block SENAO 258 RF unit

Electronic circuit SENAO 358

HF block SENAO 358 - plus

1258 manual rus

Schema radio telephone SENAO SN-258

Schematic diagrams and instructions for phones SIEMENS

Service Manual SIEMENS Gigaset 3010

Gigaset 30xx Service Manual

Gigaset 40xx Service Manual part1

Gigaset 40xx Service Manual part2 Gigaset A100

Gigaset C450, C455, CX450i Service Manual

Gigaset SL100, SL150 Service Manual part1

Gigaset SL100, SL150 Service Manual part2

Schematic diagrams and instructions for phones SONY

Service Manual SPP 120/170

Service Manual radio telephone SONY SPP-151

Radio telephone SONY SPP-320

Service Manual radio telephone SONY SPP-58

Schema Sony SPP68

Schema for radio phones SONY SPP-904

Service Manual radio telephones SONY SPP-A946, A947

Service Manual radio telephones SONY SPP-N1025, N1026

Service Manual radio telephones SONY SPP-Q110, Q120

Schematic diagrams and instructions for phones Teleton

Schema АОН station Teleton TDX-101


Schematic diagram Teleton TDX-401






Schema radio telephone Teleton TDX-701


Electronic circuit DECT phone TDX-801

Schema DECT phone TDX-802

Schema DECT telephone TDX-803

Schematic diagrams and instructions for phones TOSHIBA

Schema radio telephone Toshiba FD-4809


Schematic diagrams telephone Toshiba FD-9859

Schema radio phone TOSHIBA FT-8009

Toshiba FT-8009 Manual

Service Manual Toshiba FT-8809


Schema radio telephone Toshiba FD-9859


SG-1000 part2

Service Manual radio telephone TOSHIBA SX-2000



Schematic diagrams and instructions for phones Voxtel

Schematic diagram Voxtel Active 1000

Schematic diagram Voxtel Profi 1500

Schema Voxtel Profi 1500 AOH

Schematic diagrams Voxtel Profi 1600

Schematic diagram Voxtel Profi 2500

Electronic circuit Voxtel Profi 2600

Schematic diagram Voxtel Profi 7250

Electrical circuit Voxtel Select 1800

Schematic diagram Voxtel Select 1850

Schematic diagram Voxtel Select 1900

Schematic diagram Voxtel Select 3200

Electronic circuit Voxtel Select 3300

Schematic diagrams Voxtel Select 4400

Schematic diagrams Voxtel Select 4x00

Instructions telephone Voxtel Select Lifestyle2200

Schematic diagram Voxtel SelectLifeStyle 1000

Schematic diagram Voxtel SelectLifeStyle 2200

Electronic circuit Voxtel SelectLifeStyle 7200

Schematic diagram Voxtel Symphony 1000

Schematic diagrams and instructions for other phones

Schematic diagram ACER D65

Schema adapters KVANT

Schema Kvartet 320, 520, 1200

Instructions ALKATEL FIRST 40

Schematic diagram Alkotel SP-R5100

Electronic circuit ALKOTEL SP-R5200

Schematic diagram Alkotel TAp-222

Atlinks CE-27850 - user manual

Dect audioline-45

Instructions radio telephone Binatone Allegro XD1200

Schematic diagram CASIO 2000

Schema DECT Voxtel

Instructions Dialon f10

Schema Boards АОН DN327

Ericsson DECT DT120 User Manual

Schema АОН Faeton

Instructions telephone FREESTYLE 2010

Manuals telephones Funai SG 9000

Schema stations АОН RU29096GEX

Service regime HARVEST

Schematic diagram HARVEST4

Instructions MEDION md5909

Service Manual Nokia 3250

SM Panafax UF-160

Electrical circuit PANAPHONE KX-T2316

Schematic diagram PANAPHONE KX-T8000

Schematic diagram PHILIPS TD9215

Electronic circuit Saturn ST1514

Instructions Saturn ST1514

Service Manual Sharp FO-165/365

Schematic diagram TAp0111

Schematic diagram Texet 5400

Instructions Texet D7100

Schema TX-D5100, TX-D6100, TX-D7100

Schematic diagrams TEXET ТХ-D6500 & D6500A

Electronic circuit phones Unitel City

Schematic diagram Venus5

Schema radio telephone Veris Dect Mini

Schema АОН Remikon

Schema boards DN

АОН "Dubna" Schema boards AS

АОН "Ellic" Schema STPхх

Schema АОН Dubna as42 1


АОН МЭЛТ-4000А, МЭЛТ-4000, МЭЛТ-3030, МЭЛТ-3000, МЭЛТ-2500, МЭЛТ-2000Р

АОН stations Alica, Baltika, Kolibri

Schema pulse bloc Catering to AON

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