Service manuals freezers and refrigerators

Service manuals, operating instructions and schematic diagrams for maintenance and repair refrigerators.
All circuit diagrams, specifications, wiring diagrams, refrigerant cycle diagram, troubleshooting, components disassembly procedures, adjustments freezers and refrigerators submitted in PDF.

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Service manuals Refrigerators Magic Chef

Service Manual Side-by Side Refrigerators Magic Chef

Contents :
1. General information
2. Components
3. Cabinet and related components
4. Icemaker
5. Troubleshooting
6. Specifications
7. Schematics

Service manuals Refrigerators Maytag

Service Manual Side-by Side Refrigerators Maytag

1. General information: Electrical requirements safety Precautions, Grounding Instructions, forced air systems, air flow - forced air systems, checking operation, tools needed for r134a sealed system repair, additional system information r134a sealed system service procedure, refrigeration system, refrigeration cycle, diagnosis , sealed system diagnosis, leak testing components, drier, condenser, yoder loop, evaporator, heat exchanger, compressor, system flush, sealed system repair, summary, system flush procedure, sweep and final charge.
2. Components: Compressor replacement, replacing the compressor , condenser replacement, electrical system, testing the compressor direct, overload protector, testing the overload protector, ptc starting device and run capacitor, ptc device replacement, run capacitor, testing the capacitor, alternate method using ohmmeter, temperature control, checking operating temperatures, temperature control replacement, auto damper control models, checking the auto damper, auto damper control replacement, auto damper control - exploded view, defrost timer, checking the defrost timer, timer replacement, adaptive defrost control, checking the adaptive defrost control, air flow - forced air systems, defrost heater replacement , defrost thermostat replacement, condenser fan motor, to check condenser motor direct, condenser fan motor replacement, freezer fan motor, freezer fan motor diagnosis, freezer fan motor replacement
3. Cabinet and related components: Adjustable cantilever shelves, adjustable cantilever shelf trims, cabinet doors and associated parts, inner door liner replacement, outer door panel replacement, front wheel assembly, cabinet leveling, door seal, toe-in and toe-out adjustments, hinge adjustments, door alignment, door switch, water/ice Dispenser freezer door removal, fountain assembly - manual slide control, ice and water fountain bracket, assembly removal, checking and replacing the crusher and water/cube switch, checking and replacing the actuaring switch, fountain heater, pc board checks, fountain door delay, excessive door delay, short door delay, fountain assembly - electronic control, ice and water fountain bracket removal, fountain bracket assembly, checking and replacing the actuator switch, electronic control board troubleshooting, ice crusher bin and shelf assembly, ice/crusher bin shelf enclosure, assembly
4. Icemaker: Servicing, test procedures, service procedures, accessing the control box, module components, water fill adjustment, water problems, temperature problems, thermostat, installation, harness, leveling Icemaker, removing and replacing fill cup, other information.
5. Troubleshooting
6. Specifications
21' Dispenser/Non Dispenser
23'/25' Dispenser/Non Dispenser
21' NON Dispenser (Maytag)
23'/25' Dispenser/Non Dispenser (Maytag)
23'/25' Dispenser/Non Dispenser (Maytag PREMIUM)
7. Schematics: Index, Appendix A, Climate Zone Technology

Service manuals Refrigerators Mitsubishi

Service Manual Refrigerators Mitsubishi MR-360J-W-NZ, MR-395J-W-NZ
1. Specifications
2. Outlines and dimensions
3. Wiring Diagram
4. Refrigerant circuit
5. Names of the parts
6. Disassembly instructions
7. Trouble shooting: Trouble criterion of main parts, how to check p.c.boards, test point diagram of, main control board
8. Parts list

Service Manual Refrigerators Mitsubishi MR-385T-W-A/NZ
MR-385T-ST-A/NZ, MR-385TL-W-A/NZ, MR-385TL-ST-A/NZ, MR-420T-W-A/NZ, MR-420T-ST-A/NZ, MR-455T-W-A/NZ, MR-455T-ST-A/NZ

1. Specifications
2. Outlines and dimensions
3. Wiring diagram
4. Refrigerant circuit
5. Name of the parts
6. Trouble shooting: Trouble criterion of main parts, How to check p.c. boards, Test point diagram of main control board, Mulfunction display and checking, Point, Importance detail of fault analysis.
7. Disassembly instructions.
8. Parts list.

Service Manual Refrigerators Mitsubishi MR-CU375T-W-A, MR-CU375T-ST-A, MR-CU375T-W-A(NZ), MR-CU375T-ST-A(NZ), MR-CU375TL-W-A, MR-CU375TL-ST-A, MR-CU375TL-W-A(NZ), MR-CU375TL-ST-A(NZ).
Specifications, Outlines and dimensions, Wiring diagram, Refrigerant circuit, Names of the parts, Trouble shooting, Disassembly instructions, Parts list.

Service Manual Refrigerators Mitsubishi MR-CU415T-W-A, MR-CU415T-ST-A, MR-CU415T-W-A(NZ), MR-CU415T-ST-A(NZ), MR-CU415TL-W-A, MR-CU415TL-ST-A, MR-CU415TL-W-A(NZ), MR-CU415TL-ST-A(NZ).
Specifications, Outlines and dimensions, Wiring diagram, Refrigerant circuit, Names of the parts, Trouble shooting, Disassembly instructions, Parts list.

Service Manual Refrigerator Mitsubishi MR-G50J-SS-NZ
1. Features
2. Specifications
3. Wiring diagram
4. Outlines and dimensions
5. Refrigerant circuit
6. Troubleshooting: Function of operation panel, flowchart of self-check, block diagram of printed circuit board, auto ice maker, flowchart of trouble criterion, trouble criterion of main parts, test point diagram of filter board, test point diagram of control board.
7. Names of the parts
8. Disassembly instructions
9. RoHS Parts list

Service manuals Refrigerators Norcold

Repair Guide Refrigerators Norcold 400 series models 442, 443, 452, 453, 462, 463, 482, 483

Repair Guide Refrigerators Norcold 600, 6000, 6100 Series

Norcold Repair Guide models 865, 866, 868

Contents: General information and specifications, Electrical connections, Description of operation, Operating and lighting instructions, Location of controls, Parts function, Troubleshooting, Illustrations of normal and abnormal conditions, Wiring diagrams.

Norcold 900 and 9100 Series Refrigerators
Service Manual & Parts list for models
962, 963, 982, 983, 9182, 9183, 9162, 9163

Safety Information, Introduction, Specifications, Operating controls, Operating sequence, Alphanumeric Codes-900 Series, Flashing LEDs-9100 Series-, Diagnostics fault indicators-900 and 9100 Series, Step-by step trouble shooting, Internal control information, Diagnosing cooling problems, Component check-Out procedures, Procedure for cleaning cooling system flue, Fuse replacement procedure, Wiring Pictorials.

Service Manual Refrigerators Norcold 1200LR Series, models 1200XX, 120X-IMXX
Maintenance, Diagnostic, Troubleshooting and Repair information.

Service Manual Refrigerator Norcold Model 3163
Contents: Important Safety Information (Gas circuit, DC Fan circuit), Specifications, General information, Direct vent requirements, Propane system, Description of controls, Lighting and start-up instructions, Limited warranty time allowance chart, Refrigerator will not operate on AC, Refrigerator will not operate on DC, No spark at burner, Burner ignites but flame will not hold, Trouble shooting - Ventilation Fan, Diagnosing cooling problems, Refrigerator Removal & Re-Installation,, Procedure (EuroVan Camper), Refrigerator Removal & Re-Installation, Procedure (Rialta), Wiring pictorial & diagrams, Parts list & exploded views.

Service Manual Refrigerators Norcold Models: DC440, DC451, DC490, DE441, DE451, DE461, DE490, MRFT415, MRFT440, MRFT460
Trouble Shooting: (Thermostat “ON” Compressor does not run, Compressor resistance, Power Supply output voltage, Compressor Amp Draw, Evaporator thermister resistance, Insufficient coolling, Refrigerator to cold, Auto shut-OFF device, Wiring Schematic, Ventilation, Quick Reference Repair Sheet).

Service Manual Norcold Dual Electric and 12 Volt Refrigerators NON-TEK II models DE 828, DE 704C, DE 728, DE 400C, DE 251D, DE 250F, DE 254, DC 230, MRFT 615B, MRFT 630B, MRFT 640B, MRFT 660, SRBD 630, TRBD 630, SCQT 6406, SCQR 6800, V2000
Circuit diagrams of Refrigerators.

Service Manual Norcold Gas/Electric Refrigerators models N61X/N81X, N62X/N82X, N64X/N84X, N64XIM/N84XIM, N64X.3/N84X.3
Contents: Introduction, Safety awareness, Specifications, Troubleshooting, Displayed fault codes, Troubleshooting flowcharts, Ventilation, LP Gas system, Electrical requirements and components, Cooling unit, Electronic components, Controls, Wiring schematics, Modes of operation, Diagnostic mode, Ice maker.

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