Circuit diagrams and service manuals Akira

Circuit diagrams, operating instructions and service manual for TVs, CD & DVD Akira. All electronic schematics, disassembly and reassembly procedure, alignments/adjustments, troubleshooting procedure, exploded view and parts list, block and wiring diagrams, service menu and repair manuals Akira represented in PDF format.

Schematic diagrams TVs Akira

Akira chassis 11AK-20S2

Akira chassis 3S10

Schematic Diagram Tv Akira chassis 3Y01 150-260v

Schematic Diagram Tv Akira chassis: 3Y01 90-260v

Akira chassis 3Y01/4Y01

Akira chassis 5N11

Service Manual TV Akira shassis 5P60

Service manual, schema Akira chassis SS1

Service Manual, Schematic Diagram 14FES1/BE(M) CHASSIS 8821

Akira 14KLS4CE shassis LA-76931

Akira 14PAS1ANZ shassis UOC

Akira 14THS3CE OM8370

Schematic Diagram 21HAP1BE

Service Manual 21HCS3Ve(Wn) shassis TB1238

Tv Akira 21XBP1Be(M) shassis 8821

Service Manual Tv Akira 21WHS3/BN

Schematic Diagram Tv Akira 25CF9N 5P60

Service Manual, Schematic Diagram 29WHP3//ANZ Ch. UOC-TDA9384

Service Manual Akira CT-14CQS5CP shassis ЕТА-1

CT-14CQS5CPT shassis ETE-2

Schema, service manual TV Akira
CT-14DX9 shassis -SS1

Schematic Diagram CT-14FES1

Akira CT-14GT9

Akira CT-14HS9 chassis 3Y01/4Y01

Akira CT-14JP9

Schematic Diagram Akira CT-14JP9R, chassis SS1

Akira CT-14M9

Akira CT-14NI9A

Schematic Diagram, service manual Tv Akira CT-14NI9R CHASSIS 3S10

Akira CT-14NK9A

Tv Akira CT-14NS9N

Akira CT-14NX9

Akira CT-14PF9 chassis 3Y01/4Y01

Akira CT-14QDS1 chassis 8803

Akira CT-14TA9

Akira CT-14UX9

Схема Akira CT-14XA9 chassis EX-1A

Akira CT-14XJ9N

Akira CT-1410 chassis 11AK-20-S2

Akira CT-21AZ9

Schematic diagram, service manual CT-21AZ9A, CT-21AZ9CP, CT-21AZ9CP(SKD), CT-21AZ9R, CT-21AZ9R(SKD) chassis SS1

Akira CT-21CH9N shassis CN-9

Akira CT-21CH9R shassis CN-9EA

CT-21CH9R shassis CN-9ER

Akira CT-21DR9

Akira CT-21DS9

Schematic diagram, Service Manual Tvs Akira CT-21DS9A, CT-21DS9CP(IKD), CT-21DS9CP(SKD), CT-21DS9N, CT-21DS9R chassis 3Y01

Akira CT-21DX9

Akira CT-21FD9 chassis H704V

Service Manual, CIRCUIT DIAGRAM CT-21FDS1 chassis A21T01(TB1238)

Service Manual Akira CT-21FGS1 chassis ТВ1238

Akira CT-21FS9

CT-21FS9R chassis 5P60

Service Manual Akira CT21FZP1 chassis 8821

CT-21GT9 (A, CP, N, R) chassis CN-ER

Akira CT-21JP9

Akira CT-21LS9

Schematic diagram, service manual CT-21LS9MTS chassis 3Y03

Akira CT-21NI9

Akira CT-21NK9

Tv Akira CT-21NX9 chassis 3Y01

Akira CT-21NX9R chassis 3S10

Akira CT-21PF/XF/TF9/XG9/FS9/LS9/HS9 chassis 3Y01/4Y01

Akira CT-21PF9 chassis 3Y01/4Y01

21PZPMK1 chassis TD171

Service Manual TV Akira CT-21HS9CE, Ch. 3YA1

Akira CT-21TA9

Akira CT-21TF9

CT21XF9A, chassis CN-9EA

Akira CT-21TN9

Akira CT-21TR9A

Akira CT-21UX9

Akira CT-21XD9N

Akira CT-21XF9N

Akira CT-21XG9

Akira CT-25CGS5AN chassis CN-18ED

Schematic Diagram CT-25DS9 chassis 5N11

Akira CT-25FS9 chassis 5N11

Akira CT-25LS9 chassis 5N11

Akira CT-25NI9 chassis 5N11

Schematic Diagram Tv Akira CT-25NX9 chassis 5N11

Akira CT-25XG9 chassis 5N11

Akira CT-29AZ9

Tv Akira CT-29DR9

Akira CT-29DS9 chassis 5N11

Akira CT-29DX9


CT-29FD9 Schemes/manuals


Akira CT-29JP9

Akira CT-29LS9

Akira CT-29NI9

Akira CT-29NX9

Akira CT-29TJ9

Схема Akira CT-29TW9AN(5P60)

Akira CT-29XG9 chassis 5N11

Akira CT-34DS9 chassis 5N11

Akira CT-34LS9 chassis 5N11

Akira CT-34PF9 chassis 5N11

Tv Akira CT-34PTP9A chassis 5N11

Akira CT-34SG9 chassis 5N11

Akira CT-34TP9

Service Manual TV Akira LCD-20CHST

Akira LCT-15FDL

Service Manual, Schematic Diagram Akira LCT-20CHST

Service manuall Akira LCT-32CHSTP ch. LS-08

Schematic Diagram Akira LCT-32KX1ESTP

Schematic Diagram Tv Akira chassis 8821

Service Manual Akira PHS3ANZ

Service Manual TV Akira plazma PLT-42TT

Service Manual TV Akira Proektor PTV4300 chassis PDT-6

Akira ST-14MS9

Service Manual Akira TVD-21PL9CP chassis 3ID3

Conformity of model and shassis TVs Akira

Schematic diagrams CD & CVD

Schematic diagrams Akira DVD-2012SE(TS1)

Service Manual Akira DVD-2102

Service Manual Akira K-2305

Circuit diagrams and service manuals of other firms