Circuit diagrams and service manuals LG

Circuit diagrams, operating instructions and service manual TVs LG. All electronic schematics, disassembly and reassembly procedure, alignments/adjustments, troubleshooting procedure, exploded view and parts list, block and wiring diagrams, service menu and repair manuals LG represented in PDF format.

Schematic diagrams TVs Lg

LG Model=ch. 810 models

Tv LG chassis AT-2

Schematic Diagram Tv LG chassis CW81B

Ch. HC-33J

Ch MB-02JA

Tv LG Ch MB-02JA

Ch MB-02JB

Ch. MB-03CA

Tv LG Ch. MB-03CC

Ch. MB-042F

Service Manual TV Lg Ch. MC-05-HA

Service Manual TV Lg chassis MC-05HB, 29FA5ANX

Tv LG chassis MC-006A

chassis MC-007A

Tv LG chassis MC-007A/C

chassis MC-007B

Chassis MC-007SUB

Tv LG Chassis MC-009A

Service Manual TV Lg Chassis MC-009A

chassis MC-00A

chassis MC-00AA


Ch. MC-017A

Ch. MC-019A

Tv LG Ch. MC-021A

Ch. MC-021B Lafinion 72/82W

Ch. MC-022A

MC-035A, RT-29FC90RB

Tv LG Ch. MC-035B

Service Manual TV Tv LG Ch. MC-035B, RT-29FC90RB/RP

MC-035E, 29FS2RNB-TP

Ch. MC-036A


MC-049A, RT-29FA35Rx, RT-29FA35V

MC-049B Ch._CT-20T25M

MC-049B, RZ-21FB35 MC-059A (LA76931, LA78040, STRW6753)

Schematic Diagram Tv LG Ch. MC-059C

Tv LG Ch. MC-0AA

Ch. MC-15A

Ch. MC-34A

Ch. MC-38A

Ch. MC-41A

Tv LG Ch. MC-41B

Ch. MC-46A

chassis MC049B

L Ch. MC-51A

Tv LG Ch. MC-51B

Ch. MC-52A

Ch. MC-52C

chassis MC059A

chassis MC059A/B

Circuit diagrams LG chassis MC-059C

Ch. MC-61B

Ch MC-64A

Ch MC-64B

Tv LG Ch. MC-71A

Ch. MC-71B

Ch. MC-74A

Tv LG Ch. MC-7CD

MC - 8AA, 21F82

MC-8AA, CA-14D74

Tv LG Chassis MC-84A

Chassis MC-84B

Chassis MC-8CB

Service Manual TV Lg chassis MC-8CB

LG chassis MC-8CBA

chassis MC41

chassis MC51A

chassis MC51B

Service Manual TV Lg chassis MC-51A, CF-29B20NM



Service Manual TV Lg chassis MC-71A

Service Manual TV Lg chassis MC-71A, CF-29H20TM


MC-74A, CF-29H30T

chassis MC83A

Schema and service Tv LG chassis MC-84A

Service Manual TV Lg chassis MC-84D, CF-20S42EH


MC-991A, CE29Q10ET

MC-993A, CT-29Q12IP

MC-994, CF20J50K

MC-994A, CF-21K49E

MC-99AA, CT-29Q24PT

MC-99BA, CT-21Q20ET

Ch. MD-66A

Ch. MF-002A

Service Manual + schema LCD Tv LG Ch. MF-002A, RU-20LA30

Tv LG Ch. MF-004A

Tv LG Ch. MF-056A

Service Manual plasma TV Lg ch. MF-056A, 42PX4RV/RVA, 42PX4RV/RVA-ZA

Tv LG ch. MF-056B

ch. MF-056L

Chassis ML-012A

ML-012A, RT-15LA31 LCD TV Service Manual

Service Manual LCD TV chassis ML-012C, RZ-15LA60

Service Manual LCD TV chassis ML-012B, RZ-20LA61

ML-024A, RT-15LA50

ML-024B, RT-20LA33, RZ-20LA33

ML-024D, RZ-20LA70

Service Manual Digital LCD Combi TV LG ch. ML-027B, KZ-17LZ21

Service Manual LCD TV chassis ML-038A, RZ-30LZ13

Schematic diagrams TV LG ch. ML-041, RT-26LZ50

Schema LCD LG RM-20LA66K, ch. ML-041B

ML-041B, RZ-15LA70

ML-041B, RZ-20LZ50, except for power supplies

LG ch. MP-00DA

ch. MP-00MB

ch. MP-00MC

ch. MP-00MF

ch. MP-015A

Service Manual Projection TV Lg ch. MP-015A, PE/PL-43A82T, -48A82T,-53A82T

LG ch. MP-015C

Chassis MP-015D

Chassis MP-02AB

Chassis MP-02AC

Chassis MP-03AB

Tv LG ch. MP-55A

ch. MP-87A

ch. MP-87B





Tv LG ch. MV-008A

Tv LG ch. MV-025A

MV-031A, MV-031 KE-20, KE-21P32X, KL-20, KL-21P32X, KF-20, KF-21P32

MV-033A, Multiplex 72

Tv LG ch. MV-64A

ch. MV-995B

chassis NC5AA

ch. NF-01DC

Tv LG ch. NP-00KA

Tv LG ch. NP-00KB

PC-04 ch.

Tv LG ch. PC-04A

ch. PC-04X

ch. PC-05X2

ch. PC-07X2

Ch. PC-08X8

Tv LG Ch. PC-12A

Ch. PC-31A

Ch. PC-33J

PC-42B Ch.

PC-53A Ch.

Tv LG Ch. PC-58

Ch. PC-58A

Ch. PC-58B


LG Chassis PC-73A

PC-81A Ch.

PC-81A, CT-21H83

LG Ch. PC-81B

PC-82A Ch.

Ch. PC-8KA

LG Ch. PC-91A

Ch. PC-99DA


ch. PP61A

ch. PP62A

ch. RE-01JB

LG ch. RF-02CA

ch. RF-03FA

ch. RF-03FB

ch. RF-03OB

LG ch. RF-043B

LG ch. RF-043D

ch. RF-04FA

LG ch. RF-04GA

ch. RF-04GC

ch. МC-61В

Chassis МC-99ВА

Tv LG 10214 Chassis AT-2

11225 Chassis AT-2

12220 chassis AT-2





Tv LG 15CL7E



Tv LG 15LW1R

Tv LG 15225 chassis AT-2

16228 ch. AT-2

16628 ch. AT-2

1922 ch. AT-2







Tv LG 20LC7E



Schematic diagrams TV LG 21F80, ch. MC-84A

Service Manual TV Lg 21FA3RG-TH

Service Manual TV Lg 21FB7RG-TH

Service Manual TV Lg 21FD4RG-TH

Service Manual TV Lg 21FE6RB-TH

Service Manual LG 21FS2CLX, ch. CW62B

Servce Manual TV LG 21FS2RLX ( MC-049C )

Circuit diagrams LG 21FS4RLX-ZV

Service Manual TV Lg 21FU4RLG-LS, MC-059C Ch.

Service Manual TV Lg 21FX4Rxx, MC-059 Ch.

Service Manual LCD TV LG 26LC2R, 32LC2R, LP61C Ch.

Circuit diagram LCD Tv LG 26LX2R-ME, 32LX2R-ME chassis ML-051A


Schematic diagrams TV LG 29K30E

Service Manual LG 29FA3RNX, ch. MC-05HB

Lg 32LB1R


Lg 32LC3R

Service Manual TV Lg 32LC56-ZC chassis LD73A

Service Manual LCD TV LG 32LC7R, 32LC51, 32LC52, LP78A Ch.

Service Manual LG 32LCDU, 37LC2D, 47LC2D

Service Manual TV Lg 32LCDU, 37LC2D, 47LC2D




Service Manual LCD TV Lg 32LX4DC-UB, ch. LA53A

Lg 37LB1R





Lg 42LB1R

Service Manual LCD TV 42LC2R chassis LA63E



Service Manual LCD TV LG 42LF66-ZE, LD75A Ch.

Service manual LCD LG 47LH7000

Lg 42PC1R ch. PP62A

Schematic diagrams Plasma LG 42PC1RV, 42PC1RV-MJ

Lg 42PC1RR Chassis MF-056L

42PC1RR-ZL Chassis MF-056L

42PC1RV/RVA ch. PP61A

42PC1RV/RVA-ZJ ch. PP61A

Tv Lg 42PC1R-ZH ch. PP62A

42PX3RV/RVB ch. MF-056A

42PX3RV/RVB-ZA ch. MF-056A

42PX3RV ch. MF-056A

42PX4R ch. MF-056A

Service Manual plasma TV Lg 42PX4RV-ZA

42PX4RV/RVA/RVH ch. MF-056A

42PX4RV/RVA/RVH-TA ch. MF-056A

42PX4RV/RVA-ZA ch. MF-056A

42PX4R-ZA ch. MF-056A

Tv Lg 42PX5R ch. MF-056B

Service Manual LG 42PX5R-ZB ch. MF-056B

Service Manual plasma TV Lg 42PX4RV-ZA

Service Manual LG 42PX5R-ZB

Replacement of modules in Tv Lg 42V7

42V7 Module SVC Guide PPT File

Service Manual LCD TV LG 47LH7000

Lg 50PC1R ch. PP62A

50PC1RR ch. MF-056L

50PC1RR-ZL ch. MF-056L

50PC1R-ZH ch. PP62A

Lg 60PY2R ch. MF-056B

Lg 60PY2R-ZB ch. MF-056B

Service Manual TV Lg AL03HA ch. DU37LZ30 LCD

AL04DA ch. 32LP1DUA LCD TV Service Manual FULL

Lg AURA750 ch. MC-52C

Lg CA-14F33 ch. MC-84A



Lg CB-14A80 ch. PC-31A

Lg CB-14E22X ch. PC-31A

Lg CB-20A80 ch. PC-31A

CB-20-A86 ch. PC-53A

CB-20A90 ch. PC-31A

CB-20A96X ch. PC-53A

CB-20E20/X ch. PC-53A

CB-20E22X ch. PC-31A

CB-20E40/X ch. PC-53A

Tv Lg CB-20F60X ch. PC-81A

Tv Lg CB-21A80 ch. PC-31A

CB-21A90XG ch. PC-31A

CB-21E20X ch. PC-53A

CB-21E22X ch. PC-31A

Tv Lg CB-21E40X ch. PC-53A

CB-21F60X ch. PC-81A


CB-21Q60ET ch. PC-99DA

Tv Lg CBS-4341 ch. PC-04X

CBT-2168 ch. PC-04A

CBT-2172E ch. PC-07X2

CBT-2190 ch. PC-04A

Tv Lg CBT-2191 ch. PC-04A

CBT-2191X ch. PC-04A

CBT-2570X ch. PC-12A

CBT-2571X ch. PC-12A

Tv Lg CBT-2876 ch. PC-12A

CBT-4282 ch. PC-04X

CBT-4342 ch. PC-04X

CBT-4442 ch. PC-04X

Tv Lg CBT-4442E ch. PC-04X

CBT-4902 ch. PC-04A

CBT-4905 ch. PC-04A

CBT-9282 ch. PC-07X2

CBT-9328 ch. PC-04X

CBT-9562E ch. PC-07X2

Tv Lg CBT-9565E ch. PC-07X2

CBT-9745E ch. PC-91A

CBT-9902E Chassis PC-04A

CBT-9905 Chassis PC-04A

CBZ-9822 chassis PC-04A

Tv Lg CE-20F60K chassis MC-019A

CE-20F60KX chassis MC-019A

CE-20F66/X chassis MC-00AA

CE-20F66 chassis MC-00AA

CE-20F66X chassis MC-00AA

Tv Lg CE-20F86X chassis MC-00AA

CE-20J3BGX chassis MC-009A

CE-20J3BX chassis MC-009A

CE-20J3G/X chassis MC-009A

CE-20J3R/X chassis MC-009A

Tv Lg CE-20K40K chassis MC-019A

CE-20K42KEX chassis MC-019A

CE-20K48ET chassis MC-00AA

CE-20T20 chassis MC-019A

CE-20T20K chassis MC-019A

Tv Lg CE-21F60KX chassis MC-019A

CE-21F66X ch. MC-00AA

CE-21F80KX ch. MC-019A

CE-21J50K ch. MC-019A

Lg CE-21K40K ch. MC-019A

CE-21K42KEX ch. MC-019A

CE-21M61K ch. MC-019A

Lg CE-21M64K ch. MC-019A

CE-21M66KX ch. MC-019A

CE-21Q26ET ch. MC-007B

CE-21Q62KEX ch. MC-019A

Lg CE-21Q66ET ch. MC-007B

CE-21T22KX chassis MC-019A

CE-21T22XL chassis MC-019A

CE-25H40RQ chassis MC-022A

Lg CE-25H46RQ chassis MC-022A

CE-25Q20ET chassis MC-991A

CE-25Q26ET chassis MC-007A

CE-28H80RX ch. MC-022A

CE-28H86ST ch. MC-007A

Lg CE-29H40RQ ch. MC-022A

CE-29H46ET ch. MC-007A

CE-29K30RQ ch. MC-007A

CE-29Q10ET ch. MC-991A

Lg CE-29Q12IP ch. MC-993A

CE-29Q40RQ ch. MC-022A

CE-29Q46ET ch. MC-007A

Service Manual TV-LG CE-29Q90ID, chassis MC-006A


Lg CF-14B10B, CF-14D60B, CF-20D60B, CF-21D60B, CF-14E20B, CF-20E20B, CF-21E20B

Lg CF-14A80B ch. MC-41B

CF-14A80V ch. MC-34A

CF-14A80Y ch. MC-41A

CF-14A90B ch. MC-41B

Tv Lg CF-14B10B ch. MC-41B

CF-14B10B ch. MC-64A

CF-14B105 ch. MC-41B

CF-14B80 ch. MC-34A

Tv Lg CF-14D10K chassis MC-019A

CF-14D60B chassis MC-41B

CF-14D60B chassis MC-64A

CF-14D60 chassis MC-64A

CF-14D60X chassis MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-14D70R chassis MC-64A

CF-14E20B chassis MC-41B

CF-14E20 chassis MC-64A

CF-14E20R chassis MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-14E20X chassis MC-64A

CF-14E40B chassis MC-41B

CF-14E40R chassis MC-64A

CF-14E40X chassis MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-14F33 chassis MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-14F60K chassis MC-019A

Tv Lg CF-14F69

CF-14F69 ch. MC-994A

CF-14F69 ch. MC-994A

CF-14F69X ch. MC-994A

Tv Lg CF-14F80K ch. MC-019A

CF-14F89X ch. MC-994A

CF-14F90K ch. MC-019A

CF-14G20R ch. MC-64A

CF-14G20X ch. MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-14I30K ch. MC-019A

CF-14J50 ch. MC-994A

CF-14K50 ch. MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-14K50E/X ch. MC-84A

CF-14K52 ch. MC-84A

CF-14K52E/X ch. MC-84A

CF-14S10 ch. MC-84A

CF-14S10E/X chassis MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-14S12 chassis MC-84A

CF-14S12E/X chassis MC-84A

CF-14T30K chassis MC-019A

CF-14T30K chassis MC-019A

CF-14U70 chassis MV-64A

Lg CF-16S10 chassis MC-84A

CF-16S10E/X chassis MC-84A

CF-16S12E/X chassis MC-84A


CF-20A80/V chassis MC-34A

CF-20A80B chassis MC-41B

CF-20A80Y chassis MC-41A

CF-20B70B chassis MC-41B

Lg CF-20B70V ch. MC-34A

CF-20B70Y ch. MC-41A

CF-20B70Y ch. MC-41B

CF-20B80 ch. MC-64A

Lg CF-20C22X

CF-20D10B ch. MC-41B

Lg CF-20D16 ch. MC-64A

CF-20D16X ch. MC-64A

CF-20D2 ch. MC-64B

CF-20D29 ch. MC-64B

CF-20D3 ch. MC-64B

Lg CF-20D30R ch. MC-64B

CF-20D30RX chassis MC-64B

CF-20D30X chassis MC-64B

CF-20D31KE chassis MC-019A


CF-20D33 chassis MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-20D33E chassis MC-84A

CF-20D36EX chassis MC-019A

CF-20D60B chassis MC-41B

CF-20D60B chassis MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-20D60 chassis MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-20D60X chassis MC-64A

CF-20D70B chassis MC-41B

CF-20D70 ch. MC-64A

CF-20D70K ch. MC-019A

Tv Lg CF-20D70R ch. MC-64A

CF-20D70X ch. MC-64A

CF-20D73 ch. MC-84A

CF-20D73 ch. MC-84A

CF-20D79 ch. MC-994A

CF-20E20B ch. MC-41B

Tv Lg CF-20E20 ch. MC-64A

CF-20E20R ch. MC-64A

CF-20E20X ch. MC-64A

CF-20E40B ch. MC-41B

CF-20E40R ch. MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-20E40X ch. MC-64A

CF-20E50X ch. MC-64A

CF-20E60/X ch. MC-64A

CF-20E60B chassis MC-41B

CF-20E60 chassis MC-64A

CF-20E60X chassis MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-20F30 chassis MC-64A

CF-20F30K chassis MC-019A

CF-20F39 chassis MC-994A

CF-20F60 ch. MC-84A

CF-20F66X ch. MC-019A

Tv Lg CF-20F69X ch. MC-994A

Schema TV LG CF-20F69, chassis MC-994A

CF-20F80 ch. MC-84A

CF-20F80K ch. MC-019A

CF-20F89X ch. MC-994A

Tv Lg CF-20G20R ch. MC-64A

CF-20G20X ch. MC-64A

CF-20I30K ch. MC-019A

CF-20J3RG/B/BR/C ch. MC-009A

CF-20J3RG/R/B ch. MC-009A

Tv Lg CF-20J50 ch. MC-994A


CF-20K40E chassis MC-84A

CF-20K49E chassis MC-994A

Tv Lg CF-20K50 chassis MC-84A

CF-20K50E chassis MC-84A

CF-20K50E/X chassis MC-84A

CF-20K51KE chassis MC-019A

CF-20K52 chassis MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-20K52E chassis MC-84A

CF-20K52E/X chassis MC-84A

CF-20K53KE chassis MC-019A

CF-20K57EX chassis MC-019A

CF-20K57KE chassis MC-019A

CF-20S10 chassis MC-84A

CF-20S10E/X chassis MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-20S11KE chassis MC-019A

CF-20S12 ch. MC-84A

CF-20S12E/X ch. MC-84A

CF-20S13KE ch. MC-019A

Tv Lg CF-20S31KE ch. MC-019A

CF-20S32E ch. MC-84B

Tv Lg CF-20T24T ch. PC-81B

CF-20T30K ch. MC-019A

Tv Lg CF-20T60 ch. MC-019A

CF-20U70 ch. MV-64A

Tv Lg CF-21A20X ch. MC-46A

CF-21A50F ch. PC-58B

Tv Lg CF-21A80V chassis MC-34A

CF-21A80Y chassis MC-41A

Lg CF-21A90B chassis MC-41B

CF-21A90V chassis MC-34A

Lg CF-21A90Y

CF-21B70V chassis MC-34A

Lg CF-21B80 chassis MC-64A

CF-21C22X chassis MC-46A

Lg CF-21C28F chassis PC-58B

CF-21CA810EX chassis MC-019A

Lg CF-21D10B chassis MC-41B

CF-21D10Y chassis MC-41A

Lg CF-21D16 chassis MC-64A

CF-21D16X chassis MC-64A

Lg CF-21D20B ch. MC-41B

CF-21D3 ch. MC-64B

Lg CF-21D30/X ch. MC-64B

CF-21D30R ch. MC-64B

Lg CF-21D30RX ch. MC-64B

CF-21D30X ch. MC-64B

Lg CF-21D31KE ch. MC-019A

CF-21D33 ch. MC-84A

Lg CF-21D36EX ch. MC-019A

CF-21D60/B/X ch. MC-64A

CF-21D60B ch. MC-41B

CF-21D70B chassis MC-41B

Lg CF-21D70 chassis MC-64A

CF-21D70M chassis MC-38A

CF-21D70R chassis MC-64A

CF-21D70X chassis MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-21D73 chassis MC-84A

CF-21D79 chassis MC-994A

Tv Lg CF-21E20B chassis MC-41B

CF-21E20 chassis MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-21E20R chassis MC-64A

CF-21E20X chassis MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-21E40B chassis MC-41B

CF-21E40R chassis MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-21E40X ch. MC-64A

CF-21E60B ch. MC-41B

Tv Lg CF-21E60X ch. MC-64A

CF-21F30 ch. MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-21F33 ch. MC-84A

CF-21F39 ch. MC-994A

Tv Lg CF-21F60 ch. MC-84A

CF-21F66X ch. MC-019A

Tv Lg CF-21F69X ch. MC-994A

CF-21F80 ch. MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-21F80K chassis MC-019A

CF-21F80X chassis MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-21F89X chassis MC-994A

CF-21G20R chassis MC-64A

Tv Lg CF-21G20X chassis MC-64A

CF-21I30K chassis MC-019A

Tv Lg CF-21J50K chassis MC-019A

CF-21K40E chassis MC-84A

CF-21K40EX chassis MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-21K49E chassis MC-994A

CF-21K50E chassis MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-21K50E/X chassis MC-84A

CF-21K51KE chassis MC-019A

Tv Lg CF-21K52E chassis MC-84A

CF-21K52E/X ch. MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-21K53KE ch. MC-019A

CF-21K54 ch. MC-84A


CF-21Q42 ch. MC-019A

CF-21Q42KEX ch. MC-019A


Tv Lg CF-21S10E ch. MC-84A

CF-21S10E/X ch. MC-84A

CF-21S10EX ch. MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-21S11KE ch. MC-019A

CF-21S12E ch. MC-84A

Tv Lg CF-21S12E/X ch. MC-84A

CF-21S13KE ch. MC-019A

CF-21S14 ch. MC-84A


CF-21S15X ch. MC-019A

Tv Lg CF-21S31KEX ch. MC-019A

CF-21S32E ch. MC-84B

Tv Lg CF-21S47E chassis MC-00A

CF-21S47E chassis MC-00AA

Circuit diagrams LG CF-21T20K, chassis MC-019A

CF-21T24S chassis PC-81B

Tv Lg CF-21T24T chassis PC-81B

CF-21T30K chassis MC-019A

Tv Lg CF-21T30T chassis PC-81B

CF-21T300EX chassis MC-019A

CF-21U70 chassis MV-64A

CF-25A50F chassis PC-58A

Tv Lg CF-25A50T chassis PC-58A

CF-25A50X chassis PC-58A

Tv Lg CF-25A52L chassis PC-73A

CF-25A64DF chassis PC-73A

CF-25C10P chassis MC-15A

CF-25C22F chassis PC-33J

Tv Lg CF-25C26 chassis MC-51B

CF-25C28F chassis PC-58A

Tv Lg CF-25C28T ch. PC-58A

CF-25C32J ch. PC-33J

Tv Lg CF-25C36 ch. MC-51B

CF-25C42P ch. MC-15A

CF-25C44 ch. MC-51A


Tv Lg CF-25C70

CF-25C80 ch. MC-51A

Tv Lg CF-25H30T ch. MC-74A

CF-28A50F ch. PC-58

Tv Lg CF-28A50F ch. PC-58A

CF-28A50X ch. PC-58A

CF-28A52L ch. PC-73A

CF-28A64DF ch. PC-73A

Tv Lg CF-28C22F ch. PC-33J

CF-28C26 chassis MC-51B

Tv Lg CF-28C28F chassis PC-58A

CF-28C28T chassis PC-58A


CF-29B20TM chassis MC-51A

CF-29C10 chassis MC-15A

Tv Lg CF-29C20J chassis PC-33J

CF-29C20N chassis PC-33J

Tv Lg CF-29C20P chassis MC-15A

CF-29C26/X chassis MC-51B

Tv Lg CF-29C32J ch. PC-33J

CF-29C36 ch. MC-51B

CF-29C42F ch. PC-33J

CF-29C42P ch. MC-15A

Tv Lg CF-29C44 ch. MC-51A

CF-29C44TM ch. MC-51A

Tv Lg CF-29C60


CF-29C76 ch. MC-51B


Tv Lg CF-29G12IP ch. MC-993A


CF-29H20TM ch. MC-71A

CF-29H30/T/N ch. MC-74A

CF-29H30 ch. MC-74A

CF-29H70 ch. MC-74A

Tv Lg CF-29H90TM/XM/NM chassis MC-71B

CF-29H90TM chassis MC-71B

Tv Lg CF-29K40 chassis MC-7CD

CF-29K40N chassis MC-74A

CF-29V10KT/N chassis MD-66A

CF-34C60/NM/XM/TM chassis MC-71A

Tv Lg CF-51F82 ch. МC-99ВА

CF-51F92 ch. МC-99ВА

Tv Lg CFT-2505/P


Tv Lg CFT-2875/P ch. MC-15A

CFT-2875 ch. MC-15A

CI-14A80 ch. PC-31A

CI-14E20 ch. PC-53A

Tv Lg CI-14E20F ch. PC-53A

CI-20A80F ch. PC-31A

Tv Lg CI-20A90F ch. PC-31A

CI-20E20 ch. PC-53A

Tv Lg CI-20E20F ch. PC-53A

CI-21A80F ch. PC-31A

CI-21E20F ch. PC-53A

CI-21Q20ET ch. PC-99DA

Tv Lg CI-21T20F ch. PC-81B

CI-25H40 ch. PC-8KA

Tv Lg CI-29H40 ch. PC-8KA

CIS-4441 chassis PC-04X

CT-14D15M chassis MC-049B

CT-14F65M chassis MC-049B

Tv Lg CT-14F95M chassis MC-049B

CT-14J50 chassis MC-994A

Tv Lg CT-14J50 chassis MC-994A

CT-14J50 chassis MC-994A

CT-14J55M chassis MC-049B

CT-15Q91KE chassis MC-019A

Tv Lg CT-15Q91KE chassis MC-019A

CT-15Q92 chassis MC-00AA

Tv Lg CT-15Q92E chassis MC-00AA

CT-20J50 chassis MC-994A

CT-20J50 chassis MC-994A

CT-20J55M chassis MC-049B

Tv Lg CT-20K55FE chassis MC-049B

CT-20T30E chassis MC-994A

Tv Lg CT-20T30KE chassis MC-019A

CT-20T31KS chassis MC-019A


CT-21Q20E/EN/EX/ET chassis МC-99ВА

CT-21Q21KE chassis MC-019A

Tv Lg CT-21Q21KE chassis MC-019A

CT-21Q41KE ch. MC-019A

Tv Lg CT-21Q42 ch. MC-019A

CT-21Q42KEX ch. MC-019A

CT-21Q45RQ ch. MC-049B

CT-21Q46ET ch. MC-049B

Tv Lg CT-21Q60ET ch. PC-99DA

CT-21Q61E ch. MC-99BA

Tv Lg CT-21Q61E ch. MC-99BA

CT-21Q65KEX ch. MC-019A

CT-21Q66KEX ch. MC-019A

CT-21Q66RQ ch. MC-049B


CT-21Q92E ch. MC-007B

Tv Lg CT-21Q92KEX ch. MC-019A

CT-21S45VE ch. MC-049B

Tv Lg CT-21T30E ch. PC-99DA

CT-21T30KE ch. MC-019A

CT-25H32 ch. MC-8CBA

CT-25K30E chassis MC-8CBA

Tv Lg CT-25K90VE chassis MC-022A

CT-25M60 chassis MC-022A

Tv Lg CT-25Q20 chassis MC-022A

CT-25Q20ET chassis MC-99AA

CT-25Q20R chassis MC-022A

CT-25Q20RQ chassis MC-022A

Tv Lg CT-25Q26ET chassis MC-007A

Service Manual TV Lg CT-25Q40RQ/VB/VE/VQ, CT-29Q40RE/RQ/VB/VE/VQ, CF-29F84V

CT-25Q40VE chassis MC-022A

Tv Lg CT-25Q45VE chassis MC-049A

CT-25Q50 chassis MC-022A

CT-25Q50PX chassis MC-022A

CT-29G10ET chassis MC-991A

Tv Lg CT-29H32 chassis MC-8CBA

CT-29K30E chassis MC-8CB

Tv Lg CT-29K30E ch. MC-8CBA

CT-29K37E ch. MC-007А

CT-29K73E ch. MC-007SUB

CT-29M60 ch. MC-022A

CT-29M60VE ch. MC-022A

CT-29M65VE ch. MC-049A

Tv Lg CT-29Q10ET ch. MC-991A

CT-29Q12IP ch. MC-993A

Tv Lg CT-29Q121P ch. MC-993A

CT-29Q14NP ch. MC-99A

CT-29Q14NP ch. MC-99AA

CT-29Q14PT ch. MC-99AA

Tv Lg CT-29Q20 ch. MC-022A

CT-29Q20R ch. MC-022A

Tv Lg CT-29Q24PT ch. MC-99AA

CT-29Q40RQ chassis MC-022A

Tv Lg CT-29Q50 chassis MC-022A

CT-29Q90IP chassis MC-006A

CT-29Q91 chassis MC-021A

CT-29Q91RB chassis MC-021A

Tv Lg CT-29S30PT chassis MC-99A

CT-29S30PT chassis MC-99AA

Tv Lg CIT-2168 chassis PC-04A

CIT-2172X chassis PC-07X2

Tv Lg CIT-2175 chassis PC-07X2

CIT-2175X chassis PC-07X2

CIT-2180 chassis PC-04A

CIT-2190 chassis PC-04A

Tv Lg CIT-2191 chassis PC-04A

CIT-2191F ch. PC-04A

Tv Lg CIT-4902 ch. PC-04A

CIT-4905 ch. PC-04A

CIT-9822 ch. PC-04A

CIT-9825 ch. PC-04A

Tv Lg CIT-9902 ch. PC-04A

CIT-9905 ch. PC-04A

Tv Lg CK-20A80X ch. PC-31A

CK-20A90 ch. PC-31A

Tv Lg CK-20D10X ch. PC-31A

CK-20E22X ch. PC-31A

CK-20E22XCH ch. PC-31A

CK-20F60 ch. PC-81A

Tv Lg CK-20F60X ch. PC-81A

CK-20F80 ch. PC-81A

Tv Lg CK-20F80X ch. PC-81A

CK-20K40X chassis PC-81A

CK-21A80 chassis PC-31A

CK-21F60 chassis PC-81A

Tv Lg CK-21F60X chassis PC-81A

CK-21F80 chassis PC-81A

Tv Lg CK-21F80X chassis PC-81A

CK-21K40X chassis PC-81A

Tv Lg CK-21K44EX chassis PC-81B

CK-21Q20ET chassis PC-99DA

CK-21T24X chassis PC-81B

CK-25H40E chassis PC-8KA

Tv Lg CK-28H80/T chassis PC-8KA

CK-29H40E chassis PC-8KA

Tv Lg CKT-2135 chassis PC-08X8

CKT-2168 ch. PC-04A

Tv Lg CKT-2180/X ch. PC-04A

CKT-2190 ch. PC-04A

CKT-2191 ch. PC-04A

CKT-2570 ch. PC-12A

Tv Lg CKT-2571X ch. PC-12A


Tv Lg CKT-2871 ch. PC-12A

CKT-2876X ch. PC-12A

Lg CKT-4442B ch. PC-05X2

CKT-4742 ch. PC-91A

CKT-4745 ch. PC-91A

CKT-4902 ch. PC-04A

Lg CKT-4905 ch. PC-04A

CKT-9322B chassis PC-05X2

Schematic Diagram CKT-9742, CKT-9745 chassis PC-91A

CKT-9822 chassis PC-91A

CKT-9825 chassis PC-91A

Lg CKT-9902 chassis PC-04A

CKT-9905 chassis PC-04A

Lg CKZ-4822 chassis PC-04A

CKZ-4822X chassis PC-04A

Lg CL-14E20F chassis PC-53A

CL-20A96F chassis PC-53A

Lg CL-20E20 chassis PC-53A

CL-20E20F chassis PC-53A

CL-21E20F chassis PC-53A

CL-21Q20E chassis PC-99DA

Lg CL-21T20F chassis PC-81B

CL-25H40 chassis PC-8KA

Lg CL-28H85 chassis PC-8KA

CL-29H40 chassis PC-8KA

CP-29K40 ch. MC-7CD

CP-29K40 ch. MC-7CD

Lg CS-54S2

Schematic diagrams TV LG on ch. CW62A

Service Manual TV Lg ch. CW-62A, 29FD1RL

CZ-14J50 ch. MC-994A

Lg CZ-20J50 ch. MC-994A

DI-28Z12 ch. PD-8TA

Service Manuals PLASMA TV Lg DPDP40V (A... J)

KCI-20F60 ch. PC-81A

KCI-21F60X ch. PC-81A

Lg KE-20P32 ch. MV-031A

KE-2032X ch. MV-031A

Lg KE-21P32 ch. MV-031A

KE-21P32X ch. MV-031A


Lg KF-14P2B/P

Schema TV+VCR LG KE-14P21B

Service Manual TV Lg KF-14P22B

KF-14U70 ch. MV-64A

Lg KF-15FA9BS chassis MV-995B

KF-15FA91B chassis MV-025A

Lg KF-20P30

KF-20P32 chassis MV-031A

KF-20U70 chassis MV-64A

KF-21P10T chassis MV-008A

Lg KF-21P30

KF-21P32 chassis MV-031A

Lg KF-21U70 chassis MV-64A

KL-20P32X chassis MV-031A

Service manual TV+VCR LG KI-14U71, KI-20U71, KI-20U72, PV-71A Ch.

Schema Lg KLX-218X

K-Z29FC70RX chassis MV-033A


Lg KZ-17LZ23

KZ-21FC70 chassis MV-033A

Lg KZ-21FC70RX chassis MV-033A

KZ-29FC70 chassis MV-033A



Schematic diagrams TV LG Flatron LCD L2010 chassi cl35

LC-21F80 ch. MC-84A

LE-15A10 ch. MF-004A

Lg -8231 ch. MC-61B



Lg LT-15A10 ch. MF-004A

LT-15A15 ch. ML-012A

Lg LT-20A20 ch. MF-002A

MF-002A ch. MF-002A

MT-40PA10/G/S ch. MP-00MB


MT-40PA16 ch MP-00MF

MT-40PA18 ch. MP-00MF

Lg MT-40PA20/G/S ch. MP-00MB

MT-42PM10/B/HB ch. RF-04GA

MT-42PM11/R chassis RF-04GA

Lg MT-42PM13/B chassis RF-04GC

Service Manual Monitor/Tuner Lg MT-42PM13/B, RT-BA55, chassis RF-04GC, part 1/2

Service Manual Monitor/Tuner Lg MT-42PM13/B, RT-BA55, chassis RF-04GC, part 2/2

Lg MT-42PX10/H chassis RF-043D

MT-42PX11/H ch. RF-043D

Lg MT-42PZ10 ch. MP-00MC

Lg MT-42PZ12

MT-42PZ15/B ch. NF-01DC

Lg MT-42PZ17/B ch. NF-01DC

Service Manual plasma TV Lg MT-42PZ40/V/B/R/S, MT-42PZ41/V/B/R/S/VB, MT/MZ-42PZ42/V/B/R/S, MT/MZ-42PZ43/V/B/R/S/VS, shassic RF-02RA

MT-42PZ44/S ch. RF-03FA

MT-42PZ45M/V/VB ch. RF-03FA

MT-42PZ47M/V ch. RF-03FA

Lg MT-50PZ40 ch. RF-02CA

MT-50PZ41/H/V ch. RF-02CA

Lg MT-50PZ43/S/V/VS ch. RF-02CA

MT-50PZ44/H/B/R/S ch. RF-03FB

Lg MT-50PZ45V/M/B/R/S ch. RF-03FB

MT-50PZ46/H/B/R/S ch. RF-03FB

MT-50PZ47M/V/B/R/S ch. RF-03FB

MT-50PZ90/H/B/R/S chassis RF-03FB

Lg MT-50PZ91M/V/B/R/S chassis RF-03FB

MT-50PZ92/H/B/R/S chassis RF-03FB

Lg MT-50PZ93/V/B/R/S chassis RF-03FB

MT-60PZ10 chassis NP-00KA

Lg MT-60PZ12/B chassis NP-00KB

MT-60PZ14/B chassis NP-00KB

Lg MULTIPLEX55 chassis MV-033A

MULTIPLEX72 chassis MV-033A

Lg MULTIPLEX72 chassis MV-033A


Lg MW-60SZ12 chassis RE-01JB

MW-71PY10/G chassis RF-04FA

Lg MZ-40PA10/G/S chassis MP-00MB


Lg MZ-40PA18 chassis MP-00MF

MZ-40PA20/G/S ch. MP-00MB

Lg MZ-42PZ10 ch. MP-00MC

MZ-42PZ15/B ch. NF-01DC

Lg MZ-42PZ17/B ch. NF-01DC

MZ-42PZ44/S ch. RF-03FA

Lg MZ-42PZ44/V/VS ch. RF-03FA

MZ-50PZ42/S ch. RF-02CA

MZ-50PZ43/S/V/VS ch. RF-02CA

MZ-50PZ46/H/B/R/S ch. RF-03FB

Lg MZ-50PZ47M/V/B/R/S ch. RF-03FB

MZ-50PZ92/H/B/R/S ch. RF-03FB

Lg MZ-50PZ93/V/B/R/S ch. RF-03FB

MZ-60PZ10 ch. NP-00KA

Lg MZ-60PZ12/B ch. NP-00KB

MZ-60PZ14/B ch. NP-00KB

Service Manuals Plasma Tv Lg P42W22H

Lg P91A ch. MC-51A

P91B ch. MC-51A

Lg PF-43A10 ch. MP-55A

PF-43A20 chassis MP-87B

Lg PF-60A30 chassis MP-87A

PT-43A80 chassis MP-00DA

PT-43A80T chassis MP-00DA

PT-43A82T chassis MP-015A

Lg PT-48A80 chassis MP-00DA

PT-48A82T chassis MP-015A

Lg PT-53A80 chassis MP-00DA

PT-53A80T chassis MP-00DA

Lg PT-53A82T chassis MP-015A

R40PDP28 chassis MP-00MB

R4018PDP chassis MP-00MB

RE-15LA30 ch. MF-004A

Lg RE-20CB10MX ch. MC-019A

RE-20LA30 ch. MF-002A

Lg RE-21FA7AX ch. MC-019A

RE-21FB30RX ch. MC-019A

Lg RE-21FB50RX ch. MC-019A

RE-28CB80RX ch. MC-022A

Lg RE-28FZ10PX ch. MC-017A

RE-29FA31 ch. MC-017A

RE-29FA31PX ch. MC-017A

RE-29FA33 ch. MC-017A

Lg RE-29FA33X/PX ch. MC-017A

RE-29FA33X/PX ch. MC-017A

Lg RE-29FB51RQ ch. MC-036A

RE-32FZ10PX ch. MC-017A

Lg RE-44SZ20RD ch. MB-02JA

Service Manual Projection TV Lg chassis MB-02JA, RE-44SZ20RD part1

Service Manual Projection TV Lg chassis MB-02JA, RE-44SZ20RD part2

RE-44SZ21RD chassis MB-02JB

Lg RF-14CA80M/MX chassis MC-019A

RF-15FB50/ME/VE chassis MC-019A

Lg RF-15FB50M/ME/VE chassis MC-019A

RF-20CA80VE/VQ/VW chassis MC-019A

Lg RF-21CA80M/MX ch. MC-019A

RF-21CA80VE/VQ/VW ch. MC-019A

RF-21CA80VX ch. MC-019A

RF-21CB90VQ ch. MC-019A

Lg RF-21FB50RQ/RX/V/VE/VX/VQ ch. MC-019A

Lg RL-28CB80RX ch. MC-022A

RL-29FA31 ch. MC-017A

Lg RL-29FA31PX Ch. MC-017A

RL-29FA31PX Ch. MC-017A

Lg RL-29FA33 Ch. MC-017A

RL-29FA33X/PX Ch. MC-017A

RL-29FB51RQ Ch. MC-036A

RL-44SZ20RD Ch. MB-02JA

Lg RL-44SZ21RD Ch. MB-02JB

Service Manual LCD TV LG RM-20LA70 Rev A chassis ML-041B

RT-14CA52 Ch. MC-019A

Lg RT-14CA52M chassis MC-019A

RT-14CA55M chassis MC-049B

RT-14CA56M chassis MC-049B

RT-14CA57M chassis MC-049B

Lg RT-14CA80M/MX chassis MC-019A

RT-15FB50M/ME/VE chassis MC-019A

Lg RT-15LA30 chassis MF-004A

Schema LCD LG RT-15LA31

Schema LCD TV Lg RT-15LA31

Lg RT-15LA50 chassis ML-024A

RT-17FB75M/V chassis MC-049B

Lg RT-17LZ20

RT-20CA50M chassis MC-019A

RT-20CA60M chassis MC-019A

RT-20CA70M chassis MC-019A

RT-20CA70M chassis MC-019A

Lg RT-20CA80VE/VQ/VW chassis MC-019A

RT-20CB10M chassis MC-019A

Lg RT-20CC25M/VX chassis MC-049B

RT-20LA30 chassis MF-002A

Lg RT-20LA33

RT-21CA55M chassis MC-049B

RT-21CA70M Ch. MC-019A

RT-21CA80M/MX Ch. MC-019A

Lg RT-21CA80VE/VQ/VW Ch. MC-019A

RT-21CA85V/VE/VQ/VW/VY Ch. MC-049B

Lg RT-21CA850EX/PX Ch. MC-049B

RT-21FA32X Ch. MC-019A

Lg RT-21FA32X Ch. MC-019A

RT-21FB20RQ Ch. MC-019A

Lg RT-21FB25RQ/VE/VQ Ch. MC-049B

RT-21FB250PX Ch. MC-049B

RT-21FB30M Ch. MC-019A


Lg RT-21FB70RN/RQ/RX/V/VX Ch. MC-019A

RT-21FB70RN/RQ/V/VX Ch. MC-019A

Lg RT-21FB90RQ/VE/VQ Ch. MC-019A

RT-21FC40 Ch. MC-019A

Lg RT-21FC40RQ Ch. MC-019A

RT-21FD35M/V/VX chassis MC-049B

Lg RT-25FB30R/V/VX chassis MC-022A

Circuit diagrams LG RT-26LZ50 chassis ML-041

RT-29FA30PX chassis MC-007A

RT-29FA30PX chassis MC-007A/C

Lg RT-29FA33R/RP/RT-/RQ/RK chassis MC-022A

RT-29FA33RB/RE/VE/VQ chassis MC-022A

Lg RT-29FA33VE chassis MC-022A

RT-29FA34 chassis MC-036A

Lg RT-29FA34RB chassis MC-036A

RT-29FA34RB Service Manual


RT-29FA35R/RB/RQ/RT- chassis MC-049A

RT-29FA35V chassis MC-049A

Lg RT-29FA50RB Ch. MC-022A

RT-29FA50RB Ch. MC-022A

Lg RT-29FB20RB Ch. MC-021A

RT-29FB30R/V/VX Ch. MC-022A

Lg RT-29FB30V Ch. MC-022A

RT-29FB75R/RB/RE/RQ Ch. MC-049A

RT-29FB75V/VE/VQ/VT Ch. MC-049A

RT-29FB90 Ch. MC-035B

Lg RT-29FB90RB Ch. MC-035B

RT-29FC90RB/RP chassis MC-035B

Lg RT-32FZ10PX chassis MC-017A

Service manual LED LCD TV LG 32LV2500, 32LV250A, 32LV250N, 32LV250U, 32LV250U-ZG, 32LV2540, 32LV2540-ZL. Chassis LD01M

Service manual LED TV LG 32LN5300, 32LN5300-UB. Chassis LA32B

Service manual LED LCD TV LG 32LS3450, 32LS345S, 32LS345T, 32LS3450, 32LS345S, 32LS345T-ZA. Chassis LD21C

RT-34FB11RB chassis MC-006A

Service manual LED LCD TV LG 37LE4500, 37LE4500-ZA, 37LE4508, 37LE4508-ZA, 37LE450N, 37LE450N-ZA. Chassis LD01D

Lg RT-37LZ55

Lg RT-39NZ40RB chassis MP-015D

RT-40NZ60RB chassis MP-03AB

Lg RT-40NZ80RB/RP chassis MP-03AB

RT-42PX10/H chassis RF-043B

RT-42PX11 chassis RF-043B

RT-42PX12X/XH chassis RF-043B

Lg RT-42PX20 chassis RF-043B

RT-42PX21 chassis RF-043B

Lg RT-42PY10X chassis RF-043B

RT-42PZ45V chassis RF-03FA

Lg RT-42PZ45V chassis RF-03FA

Service Manual PLASMA TV LG 42PJ350R, 42PJ351R, 42PJ352R, 42PJ353R, 42PJ350R-ZA, 42PJ351R-ZC, 42PJ352R-ZD, 42PJ353R-ZB. chassis pp01b

Lg RT-42PZ70

RT-43NA43RB/RP Ch. MP-03AB

RT-44NA11T Ch. MP-015A

RT-44NA13RB Ch. MP-03AB

RT-44NA14T Ch. MP-03AB

RT-44NA23RB/RP Ch. MP-03AB

Lg RT-44NA43RB/RP Ch. MP-03AB

RT-44NA62RB Ch. MP-02AB

RT-44NA63RB/RP Ch. MP-02AC


RT-44NZ21RB Ch. MP-015D

Lg RT-44NZ23RB/RP ch. MP-03AB

RT-45NZ80RB/RP ch. MP-03AB

RT-49NA11T ch. MP-015A

RT-49NA43RB/RP ch. MP-03AB

Lg RT-49NZ21RB ch. MP-015D

RT-49NZ23RB/RP ch. MP-03AB

Service Manual plasma TV Lg RT--50pz60/70, chassis RF-03OB

Lg RT-50PX10/H chassis RF-043B

RT-50PY10H chassis RF-043B

RT-50PZ44/H/B/R/S chassis RF-03FB

Lg RT-50PZ45V/M/B/R/S chassis RF-03FB

RT-50PZ46/H/B/R/S chassis RF-03FB

RT-50PZ47M/V/B/R/S chassis RF-03FB

RT-50PZ60 ch. RF-03OB

Lg RT-50PZ70 ch. RF-03OB

RT-50PZ90/H/B/R/S ch. RF-03FB

RT-50PZ91M/V/B/R/S ch. RF-03FB

Lg RT-50PZ92/H/B/R/S ch. RF-03FB

RT-50PZ93/V/B/R/S ch. RF-03FB

Lg RT-52SZ30RB/RP ch. MB-03CA

RT-54NA11T ch. MP-015A

RT-54NA13RB ch. MP-03AB

RT-54NA15RB ch. MP-03AB

Lg RT-54NA23RB/RP ch. MP-03AB

RT-54NA43RB/RP ch. MP-03AB

Lg RT-54NA62RB ch. MP-02AB

RT-54NA63RB/RP chassis MP-02AC

Lg RT-56NZ21RB chassis MP-015D

RT-56NZ23RB/RP chassis MP-03AB

Service Manual plasma TV Lg RT-60PY10, chassis RF-043B, part1/2

Service Manual plasma TV Lg RT-60PY10, chassis RF-043B, part2/2

RT-60PY10 chassis RF-043B

Lg RT-62NA31RB/RP chassis MP-015C

RT-BA50 chassis RF-03FA

Lg RT-BA50 chassis RF-03FB

RT-BA55 chassis RF-043D

RT-BA55 chassis RF-04GC

Lg RZ-13LA60

The scheme of power unit Lg RZ-13LA60

Service Manual LG RZ-15LA32




Lg RZ-17LZ10


Lg RZ-17LZ22




Lg RZ-20LA33


Lg RZ-20LA61


Lg RZ-20LA66K


Lg RZ-20LA90


Lg RZ-20LZ50

Service Manual LG RZ-20LZ50C


Lg RZ-23LZ21




Lg RZ-26LZ30

RZ-26LZ50 Service Manual / the scheme


Lg RZ-27LZ50


Service Manual LCD TV RZ-30LZ13 chassis ML-038A

Service Manual LCD TV RZ-30LZ50 chassis ML-041A



Manual LCD TV Lg RZ-32LZ50

Service Manual TV Lg RZ-37LZ55 chassis ML-051B


Manual LG RZ-42PX10/11 plazma Ch. RF-043B

Lg RZ-42PX11 Ch. RF-043B

Plazma RZ-42PX12X chassis RF-043B

RZ-42PX20 Ch. RF-043B

RZ-42PX21 Ch. RF-043B

Lg RZ-42PZ70

Manual LG RZ-44CZ60 Ch. -03CC

RZ-44SZ80DB Ch. MB-042F

RZ-48SZ40RB Ch. MB-03CA

Service Manual TV Lg RZ-48SZ40RB

Lg RZ-48SZ41RB Ch. MB-03CA

RZ-50PY10 Ch. RF-043B

Lg RZ-52SZ60DB ch. MB-03CC

RZ-52SZ80DB ch. MB-042F

Lg RZ-BA50 ch. RF-03FA

RZ-BA50 ch. RF-03FB

Service manual TV29FS2ANX Chassis MC05HA


Lg WE-32Q10IP ch. MC-993A

Lg WE-32Q81ID ch. MC-006A

Lg WF-28A12T ch. MC-52C

Lg WF-32A10S ch. MC-52A

Lg WF-32A14T chassis MC-52C

Lg WF-32A20TM chassis MC-61B

Lg WF-32A22DI chassis MC-61B

Lg WFS-32A10S chassis MC-52A

Service Manual LG LED LCD TV 47LT760H, 47LT760H-ZA, CHASSIS: LD2FF

Circuit diagrams and service manuals of other firms